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China cosmetic spray pumps manufacturers and cosmetic spray pumps suppliers

, specializes in producing and processing plastic sprinkler head 18, 20 caliber, 24 caliber, 28 caliber;Emulsion pump 24 calibre, 28 calibre, as well as pump core, 5ML,8ML,10ML,15ML full set of perfume and other main cosmetic spray pump are hand clasp sprinkler head, liquid distributor, perfume sprinkler head, plastic lid and spray bottle series.

Customers throughout the domestic and foreign, the reputation of the world. We reiterate that "high quality, low cost" "integrity tree character, dedicated casting quality" quality service as the company's pursuit!

  • Perfume Sprayer

    The factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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  • Foam pump

    Foam pump

    Our factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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  • Threaded lotion pump

    Our factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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The global plastic container market has huge differences in different regions

Mar 05,2021

China perfume pump sprayer Factory It is reported that the plastic bottle market is complicated and affected by different factors. The research company cited some of these factors, including low...

How to use cosmetic bottles as waste?

Feb 26,2021

Nasal Spray pump In fact, if the seemingly useless cosmetic bottles of Lotion Pump have undergone some minor changes, then you will think of many uses. Wash and dry some small bottles, their shape an...

What is the working principle of the sprayer?

Mar 05,2021

Crimp Sprayer Factory There are four working principles, as follows: 1. Bernoulli principle: Bernoulli's principle says that in the same fluid, the flow rate is large, the pressure is small; the flo...

What should I do if the small spray bottle does not come out?

Feb 06,2021

Many skin care products and other items will be preserved and stored in the spray bottle, which is not only more convenient to use and more evenly sprayed, but also avoids skin care products that wil...

What is the status of spraying technology?

Jan 30,2021

Sprayer manufacturers have changed their product range and adopted larger and better equipment to adapt to the structural changes in agriculture. Germany, which also controls sprayers, also has detai...

Why are all big-name cosmetics plastic bottles

Jan 23,2021

If you compare pure plastic bottles and glass bottles, it must be that glass bottles are more expensive and higher-end, so glass bottles are commonly found in various alcohol and perfume products. Be...

What are the four principles of sprayer spraying?

Jan 16,2021

1. Bernoulli principleBernoulli's principle says that in fluids, the flow rate is high, but the pressure is small; the flow rate is small, and the pressure is strong. The fluid will automatically flo...

Working principle of foam dope pump

Sep 14,2020

The prime mover transmits power to the driving shaft of the pump through the speed change and transmission mechanism, and the driving shaft gear drives the driven shaft gear to move synchronously. Th...

Why can perfume sprayers spray?

Sep 14,2020

Why can perfume sprayers spray?In the same fluid, the flow velocity is large, the pressure is small; the flow velocity is small, the pressure is strong. The fluid will flow from high pressure to low p...

The working principle of lotion pump head.

Sep 14,2020

1. First press--------When we first press the ACTUATOR, the ACTUATOR drives the sub-stem through the connected main column (STEM) to compress the spring (SPRING) together; During the process, the out...

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