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China cosmetic spray pumps manufacturers and cosmetic spray pumps suppliers

, specializes in producing and processing plastic sprinkler head 18, 20 caliber, 24 caliber, 28 caliber;Emulsion pump 24 calibre, 28 calibre, as well as pump core, 5ML,8ML,10ML,15ML full set of perfume and other main cosmetic spray pump are hand clasp sprinkler head, liquid distributor, perfume sprinkler head, plastic lid and spray bottle series.

Customers throughout the domestic and foreign, the reputation of the world. We reiterate that "high quality, low cost" "integrity tree character, dedicated casting quality" quality service as the company's pursuit!

  • Perfume Sprayer

    The factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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  • Foam pump

    Foam pump

    Our factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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  • Threaded lotion pump

    Our factory specializes in the production and processing of plastic nozzles, pump cores, lotion pump...

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Different Kinds of Lotion Pumping Systems

Jul 27,2021

If you have ever purchased a skin care or beauty product at a store, then you know how annoying it can be when that product arrives but does not work as expected. This is especially true with lotion ...

Features of a Lotion Pump

Jul 20,2021

Using a threaded lotion pump and a fine mist sprayer can provide a safe way to apply a desired amount of lotion or ointment for the treatment of dry skin, chapped lips, and it can even be used in cas...

Design Ideas and Experiments of Superfine Spray Pump Head

Jul 14,2021

Nozzles are widely used in the fields of combustion engineering, chemical industry and aerospace, and the demand for nozzles is the most frequent in chemical industry applications. For example, air s...

How to choose the outer packaging of cosmetic pump heads

Jul 09,2021

With the development of the times, people have greater requirements for the choice of cosmetics than in the past. The choice of cosmetic packaging is not only in terms of price and performance, but a...

A brief description of the common sense of cosmetic bottle pump head

Jun 27,2021

1. Distributors are divided into two types: tie-type and screw-type. In terms of function, they are divided into spray, foundation cream, lotion pump, aerosol valve, and airless bottle. 2. The size of...

What are the advantages of cosmetic spray pumps?

Jun 27,2021

The design of cosmetic packaging bottles is constantly innovating. From the beginning of the plastic cap, the squeeze cap to the final spray pump, each time is to better store the cosmetics and make i...

How to retract the push-on bottle cap?

Jun 27,2021

Push down the push-type bottle cap and turn it counterclockwise until it stops. Tighten it to retract the push-type cap. Generally, push-type caps are used for larger bottles of toiletries, but they a...

What should I do if I can't press the bottle?

Jun 27,2021

Pressing bottles are the preservation form of many skin care products. Most of the most common shower gels in our lives use press bottles. But pressing the bottle also has certain drawbacks, for examp...

Market analysis of hand sanitizer vial packaging

May 26,2021

A small-capacity bottle used to pack hand sanitizer, we call it a small hand sanitizer bottle. In recent years, small bottles of hand sanitizer have become more and more popular. This is mainly becau...

Several changing trends of cream bottle packaging

May 21,2021

Containers used for packaging cosmetics and pharmaceutical cream products are called cream bottles. In general, cream bottle packaging needs to have the following characteristics. First, it must be ea...

What are the uses and characteristics of cosmetic plastic bottles?

May 14,2021

Many purchasers do not understand cosmetic OEM packaging materials. The purpose and characteristics of glass bottles, hoses and plastic bottles in cosmetic packaging are not clear. I will explain it i...

Very suitable for bottles in the field of cosmetics

May 08,2021

Many buyers always swing between glass and plastic bottles when purchasing bottles. Glass bottles are more high-end in packaging, but the cost is relatively high. The packaging cost of plastic bottles...

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